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Steve worked under my supervision as a creative director at our San Francisco-based agency.


His responsibilities included brainstorming concepts with copywriters, presentation of creative ideas to clients, implementation of programs across a wide range of media—from collateral and identity design, to web site architecture and digital marketing campaigns. Steve completed these tasks with incredible enthusiasm, professionalism, and attention to detail.

Steve was an invaluable member of our team, ensuring the agency consistently met — or more often than not — exceeded client demands for breakthrough creative. I have had the good fortune to work with many talented colleagues over the years, and without doubt, Steve has earned a spot at the top of that list.


In short, Steve is conscientious, collaborative, and above all a highly creative thinker. I strongly recommend him for future opportunities in any agency or creative environment.

Patrick Wilken
Executive Creative Director

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Don’t take my word for it

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I’ve had the pleasure of managing Steve Zwillinger at Visa this year, and I can’t say enough about his art direction skills, strategy strengths and professionalism. He is a pleasure to have on the team, which is really saying something since it’s a tightly-knit in-house content creation group that spends a great deal of time together and whose success depends on positive chemistry and affirmation.


Steve is both a strong collaborator and an equally strong leader — so much so that he has ended up taking on the role of creative director for both our in-house and agency-created projects. His skills often exceed those of employees at the agencies we hire to help us. He has a refreshing creative spark and has reinvented several design elements in our work and branded new products. He injects humor and innovation into the large number of gifs and graphics we publish. He has very strong project management skills, which is vital to keeping projects on track in a flat organization.


I trust his judgment and feel no need to check on deadlines or work-in-progress. He diligently keeps me apprised and seeks buy-in regularly.

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Stephanie Losee

Head of Content

Visa Global Communications

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I joined MUFG Union Bank around the same time that Steve did. He was given the task of creating an internal creative services group — something that did not exist at the company. He was challenged with developing a team, creating a vision and the processes needed to become a full-service agency for the entire company. In addition, he was tasked with ensuring all internal clients came to his group — which he named Buzz — instead of working with outside Agencies. Steve not only met his objective, but he was able to — in a relatively short period of time - create a team and build a reputation that had clients coming back for more. Steve was able to do this due to his passion, creativity, energy and more importantly — positive attitude.


Even in times of stress (when building a business there is a lot of stress) Steve always came across as positive and do whatever it took to get things done. There was never any ego involved with Steve...only a commitment to get things done, even if things seemed impossible.


Steve built a very loyal team, one who frequently got together and from the outside one could tell there was a commitment from all of them — just like Steve — to get things done. The most important quality I found (besides all that I have listed) was Steve's sheen ability to come up with creative messages and branding that always seemed to be in line with the campaign.


On a personal note, Steve is always the first to help others and to see people for their good side. This, above all, makes him a gem to work with.

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Alicia Faugier

Marketing Leader

MUFG/Union Bank